EHHF Vienna/Bratislava 2009

EHHF 2009 logo   EHHF delegates EHHF delegates at Schönbrunn Palace Conference-Center, May 2009 
Delegates at Schloss Hof EHHF delegates at Schloss Hof, near the border between Austria and Slovakia.   EU Commissioner Jan Figel EU Commissioner Jan Figel with EHHF 2009 hosts Katarina Kosova (left) and Eva-Maria Hohle (far right) at the operning session of the 2009 EHHF meeting in Bratislava 

The 4th meeting of the EHHF was co-hosted by neighbouring countries Austria and Slovakia, and provided the forum with a unique insig ht into the dramatically contrasting 20th century history of these two countries. EHHF meeting 2009, Bratislava Photo of delegates from the 2009 EHHF meeting in Bratislava 

Keynote speeches were made by European Commissioner Jan Figel and US economist Donovan Rypkema that stimulated vibrant discussions on current issues ranging from how the heritage sector can respond to the ongoing financial crisis to finding mechanisms to avoid heritage protection being adversly affected by the development of EU directives.

The agenda, papers and final statement can be found below.

28 May 2009, BRATISLAVA

The culture programme of the European Commission Jan Figel, EU Commissioner for Cultural Affais  
Heritage and the financial crisis Donovan Rypkema

PDF file Rypkema PDF file Rypkema pwp 

The Norwegian crisis package and cultural heritage - the what, why and how Terje Nypan (Norway) PDF file Nypan NO Crisis Package Paper PDF file Nypan NO crisis pwp
Heritage in our hands Cees van't Veen (the Netherlands) PDF file Veen pwp
EEA Grants Nils Marstein (Norway) PDF file Marstein pwp
European Heritage Label - update Bruno Favel (France) PDF file Favel and Proissy
HEREIN - update Bruno Favel and Orane Proissy (France)  
European Heritage Days Piet Jaspaert (Belgium) PDF file Jaspaert pwp
European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF) - update Terje Nypan (Norway) PDF file Nypan EHLF Report PDF file Nypan EHLF pwp

29 May 2009, VIENNA Simon Thurley, Donovan Rypkema and Eva-Maria Höhle Chairman Simon Thurley, keynote speaker Donovan Rypkema and host Eva-Maria Höhle during the opening session of the EHHF meeting 2009  Červený Kameň Castle Červený Kameň Castle  Unveiling the European Heritage Label Plaque Unveiling the European Heritage Label Plaque at Červený Kameň Castle before the EHHF 2009 dinner. 

A short story of preservation in the Austrian context Wilfried Lipp PDF file Lipp pwp
Structure and organisation in France Isabel Marechal (France) PDF file Marechal
Structure and organisation in Switzerland Johann Murner (Switzerland) PDF file Murner PDF file Muerner pwp
Structure and organisation in Sweden Inger Liliequist (Sweden)   PDF file Liliequist PDF file Liliequist pwp
Care of monuments in Slovakia after political turning points (1948-2000) Katarina Kosova (Slovakia) PDF file Kosova PDF file Kosova pwp
Care of monuments in Austria (1945-2000) Andreas Lehne (Austria) PDF file Lehne PDF file Lehne pwp
Budapest - new investors contra preservation Tamas Fejerdy (Hungary) PDF file Fejerdy pwp
Conservation areas at risk Simon Thurley (UK) PDF file Thurley PDF file Thurley pwp
Shutting down of catholic and protestant churches in Germany Gerd Weiss (Germany) PDF file Weiss
Reuse of religious buildings in the Netherlands Ben de Vries (the Netherlands) PDF file Vries PDF file Vries pwp
Delegates at work EHHF delegates at work in the Schönbrunn Palace Conference-Center, Vienna 



2009 EHHF Statement on the Heritage Stimulus in a time of Economic Recession PDF file Statement on the heritage stimulus in a time of economic recession 2009
2009 Final Statement PDF file 2009 EHHF Final Recommendations REVISED


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